Hotel Design and Renovation Services

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HSI Renovations

Welcome to HSI Renovations, where our expert team transforms hotels with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Elevate your property with our architectural exterior design, professional framing services, and expert stucco application. Enhance your hotel's curb appeal with our premium stone and brick craftsmanship, as well as interior and exterior painting.

Inside, our high-quality drywall installation, stylish wall coverings, and elegant trim and custom millwork will create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Choose from a wide range of comprehensive floor coverings to complement your hotel's style. Our customized kitchen cabinetry, refined granite vanities, and countertops will elevate your hotel's functionality and aesthetics.

Upgrade your guest rooms with modern tubs and seamless tub-surrounds, as well as reliable door and window solutions. Transform your lobby into an inviting space with our inviting lobby transformations. Trust our advanced plumbing services and compliant electrical installations for a seamless renovation experience.

Partner with HSI Renovations to rejuvenate your hotel and deliver an unforgettable experience for your guests.

HSI Renovations, an Atlanta-based company, excels in providing top-notch hotel renovation services. As we revamp our website to better serve you, we invite you to reach out to us via our
user-friendly online form. Don't forget to explore our Facebook page for the latest updates and insights. Our sterling reputation is built on the satisfaction of our clients - visit our reference page to learn more about our exceptional track record.


  • Architectural exterior design
  • Expert stucco application
  • Premium stone and brick craftsmanship
  • Professional framing services
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • High-quality drywall installation
  • Stylish wall coverings
  • Elegant trim and custom millwork
  • Comprehensive floor coverings
  • Customized kitchen cabinetry
  • Refined granite vanities and countertops
  • Modern tubs and seamless tub-surrounds
  • Reliable door and window solutions
  • Inviting lobby transformations
  • Advanced plumbing services
  • Compliant electrical installations